About Evolution and Us

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Evolution and Us


The purpose of Evolution and Us is to facilitate the exploration of the past, present, and future of humanity through the lens of evolution.

In nature, evolution serves as a lagging indicator of the changes within an environment. Said another way, evolution relies on environments to select the most advantageous genetic mutations or adaptations for a species.


One of the significant challenges humanity faces, in regards to the continuation of our species, is the rapid pace of change taking place within our environment.

This environment is comprised of natural phenomena blended with human institutions, belief systems, technologies, economics incentives, and an endless list of power dynamics.

Historically, we’ve only been able to observe evolutionary processes that took place in the past; meaning that time alone could reveal to us which adaptations would win out.

This approach will not be sufficient moving forward.

Some few of us, must begin looking to changes coming over the horizon. We must become better at predicting what tectonic shifts will take place in our environment and which adaptations will be most beneficial in weathering those shifts.

We must consider the true nature of our existence as a single species of evolved primates scattered across thousands of diverse ecosystems.

The Principles of Evolution can be used as a starting point, from which we can explore the existential challenges we face and how best to prepare for them.

It’s time for our species to take evolutionary leaps forward morally, scientifically, technologically, socially, culturally, and environmentally.

This is the exploration we aim to ignite. Welcome to Evolution and Us.


A necessary component of this effort will be finding those who are thinking of human existence and the future in these same or similar terms.

We seek to foster a community of those willing to question convention and provide new ideas for moving forward. If this is you please join us.

*If you would like to submit your own content or ideas to Evolution and Us, please enter a message into the form above.


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